March 26, 2013

My due date is April 26, 2013= things that make you go HOLY MOLY!!!
Hahaha not really. But we are in full preparatory mode. The room is painted. The dresser and crib are on the way (I assume since I ordered them months ago and they said they would get here). We are building the bassinet this weekend. The car seat is about to get unpacked. The clothes are getting washed. The bag just came out of the closet and I will pack it as I go along. Whoa. Lots doing in these parts.
35 weeks is crazy. Baby girl is big and that means I am big. And uncomfortable. Then I go my appointment and get an ultrasound to see how baby girl is breathing and check her fluid levels and I don't feel so uncomfortable anymore and I realize that before I know she will be in my arms. Today she flexed her foot for me and all I could think was that I will be kissing that foot so soon!!!
We are all anticipating her arrival. These days I go to the doctor once and week and we will start to make some plans. Next week I get another ultrasound to check her growth and that will be the real indicator on what comes next. Wahoo!!! So excited.
In other news:

  • The job is still going great and we have hired a boss that will start April 10... probably moments before I start my leave... not really but it feels that way.
  • Hubby's birthday is this week and we are still not making any plans. I will make him a special dinner, get him a cake and call it a night! Just what he wanted.
  • This weekend is also Easter so we will get together with my family and my in-laws. It will be the last holiday we spend without our babygirl!
  • The weather finally looks like it might want to cooperate and bring spring. Up until today it has been iffy, but the sun came out and it warmed up a bit and gave us all a little hope. The evenings are so nice because it stays light out until late. Lovin it!!
Watch out for my next post!! It could be the big announcement! Wahoo!


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JudyB said...

It goes by so fast! I cannot wait to meet her!XO