February out!
Whoa. That was a doozy of a month. Started out at a conference in Boston, which was great. Then a week later was the blizzard of the year! Some say the decade or even longer. We got 30ish inches at my house and stayed indoors for about 4 days. It took my hubby about 6 hours to clear it all. I felt so helpless to watch him from the window while he was doing all the heavy lifting. I was def ready to return to work after that, anything to get out of the house! The week after followed up with Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday (I spent in NY with my boss on a bunch of visits), Valentine's Day and then my birthday. Hubby and I tried to get reservations for the Sat night of my b-day weekend but most places were booked solid for V-day leftovers. So we stayed in and had a great time. We actually ended up going out to dinner the week after and had a super lovely time at one of our favorite restaurants. This weekend is just busy as all the rest have been; surprise dinner for a friend tonight, gym, taxes, groceries and a work event tomorrow and more visits with friends on Sunday! Whew.
Today marks 32 weeks pregnant. Baby girl is big (confirmed by both the crazy kicks in the ribs and the ultra sound from yesterday). The doctor is mildly concerned and we are working together to keep an eye on this. They are being really great to me and I appreciate it so much. I feel lucky to have such a great team looking after me and baby girl.
March also brings a b-day celebration for my hubby. For once in the 17 years that I've known him, I am going to abide by his wishes and not do a darn thing for him. He has said forever and a day that he hates his birthday and does not want to celebrate and every year I make him do something. I am the one that love love loves to celebrate and therefore don't understand his non celebratory stance. But not this year. He gets his way this year.
Not really much else to report. I am still loving the job and looking forward to welcoming a new boss soon. It has been a challenge to steer this ship with limited staff and I am excited at the prospect of building a great program here with someone that has so much experience. Not to say that I am not looking forward to my maternity leave too and glad that someone will be here in my absence.
One last nugget: This morning on the radio they said that meteorologically today is the first day of Spring... not sure what that means but BRING IT ON!!! (btw 9 days til Daylight Savings begins!)
Ciao for now!

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Amanda said...

My husband is the same way about birthdays! What's up with that!?