The view from where I sit

No big announcement! Not ready yet. This lady still needs some time to cook.
But I felt like I needed one more post to pull it all together. A sort of "State of the Union" address.
Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and unless I go into labor naturally over the next two weeks my doctor will consider inducing me at 39 weeks. There are two reasons for this; 1) anxiety 2) She is a big girl and there is no reason that she can't come and meet us all at 39 weeks.
Which, if you at home are counting, puts me at about 2 weeks until this darling daughter comes into my life. It still doesn't seem real, but more real than it did 20 weeks ago. My belly is huge and I am starting to feel the constraints and limitations of being 9+ months preggo (I know, depends who you ask...). Sleeping is getting more and more difficult. Leg cramps, heartburn, turning over, little feet jabbing you in the ribs and just general feeling uncomfortable leads me to sleeping less and less. The days are less dramatic. Yes I am waddling and there is a lot of pressure everywhere but it is much more manageable. Now that the end is in sight I am less apt to complain. I do think I will miss this belly. I love rubbing it and seeing her move and shake and get the hiccups. But I am so excited to meet her and get to know her and start our life together. I am still working and plan on it until the very last day. Although I would love a day off, I think I might go stir crazy if I took too many days. And anyway Greg is home on April break the week of the 15th and I can get him to do all the things I would have been doing had I been home. Win- win!! He is also getting really excited. I think having a date in mind put things in perspective for both of us. Now all we talk about is what we need to get done.
So that's it... for now.

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