Another snow day

Again the predictions were wild. Some channels said 1-3 inches and some said 4-8; we probably got around 10+ inches in some areas. I can't really tell because I haven't been out much.
Hubby and I had to go out this morning for a dr appt. On the way back I was pretty sure that I wasn't making the trek into work. The roads were ridiculous. There were spin-outs everywhere and the radio was saying that there were accidents everywhere. Neither hubby nor I were looking forward to me on the road alone. I called and said that I would wait a few more hours to make a decision and when it didn't let up I decided to stay home. I've been working so I hope I don't have to take it as a day off; I'm hoarding my days for maternity leave... we'll see.
The appt this morning was interesting. Had another NST. Very different experience than in the hospital. This gal is big and uncooperative... much like her dad.
Today we talked a lot about inducing and c-sections. But I don't want to get ahead of myself.
ok, gotta get back to snow day work day.

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