Marriage advice

In keeping with the "10 things" I offer the person I was when I got married these 10 pieces of advice:

1) Be nice. Don't fight mean and don't let the fights last long. Back in the day we used to fight loud and long. What a waste of time and energy.
2) Travel more often! We didn't start taking a regular vacation for a couple of years and we never went back to Europe. Both mistakes.
3) Don't wait to start working on the family. There never is a perfect time.
4) Buy a bigger couch when getting the living room furniture. :)
5) Just get the Escort fixed instead of buying the Saturn. It is expensive to maintain.
6) Plan more date nights. Lots more!
7) Save more money.
8) Listen to your heart when it comes to career advancement. The master's program is long. Think twice about what you want.
9) Be confident in all the decisions that you make. This is something that takes work. Do it.
10) Have lots of fun! Don't waste so much time worrying (bad things happen anyway).

This was probably the hardest list to come up with. Which makes me happy, by the way, because I think that we have a good marriage and that there isn't much I would change in these past 10 years.

love you babe.


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