I thought today would never come.

This weekend was alumni and parents weekend at the u. I have been working towards this since starting the new job. I was so busy and crazy and now it's over and I am happy.
The biggest reason is that I inherited this weekend and wasn't really able to put MY mark on it. I had to go with the flow and business as usual. A lot has changed in my office and I was the fall guy. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and it's over. I'm taking a few days off next week to regroup and then it is full steam ahead to figure this job out and where we will go with it. I am very excited.
In other news; everyone and I mean EVERYONE in my office is sick with something. I am trying to steer clear of this sickness because I HATE being sick. I am upping the vitamins and juice and sleep until the air is clear. :)
Everything else is steady as she goes. The next few things to look forward to are the anniversary and my last wedding of the season. Hubs and I are laying low for the anniversary right now. We will likely go out to a nice dinner but probably not much else. The biggest reason being that we aren't really sure yet what we want to do. We aren't really able to take a big trip right now, and neither one of us has a big gift in mind, so for now it's dinner and then maybe we will figure something else out.
ok peeps, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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smiley9188 said...

HAPPY Anniversary! And Congratulations on a hard job well done! You're awesome!