10/10 *update

10th day of 10th month. Seems momentous for some reason that I can't quite put together yet.
I am crazy busy at work this week because my big weekend event is this weekend. I actually can't believe it and wonder what I will do when I come into work on Monday. How is it that I even have time to post you wonder... I don't know, other than I needed a breather.
I miss the random lists so here it is:
  • Hubby and I were supposed to go out to dinner last night but when I got home I was so tired I actually canceled. IF you know me at all I LOVE going out to eat, especially for CTRestaurantWeek, and it took a lot for me to cancel. But it was kinda yucky out and I was out and about most of the morning running errands for the big event, so a night at home was what I ordered.
  • This yucky weather makes me want soup. yum. I love soup.
  • Coffee too. I could drink coffee all day LONG.
  • I started wearing socks. Fall is really here. 
  • Really random: We have an HD TV but we never ordered the HD cable service. Yesterday I happen to be flipping through the channels and we have all the HD channels. Hmmm. Not really sure how that happened or how long ago, but truly not complaining about it.
  • Tonight is class night and I never wanted to skip so badly. I was always the type of student that showed up. I felt that I owed it to the professor. Not feeling that way tonight.
  • I think I ate lunch too fast. My stomach is kinda achy.
  • I just found out that the U is closed from 12/22 through Jan 1. Wahoo. Extra long vaca and I already have some plans of what we are gonna do with all that time. Honey do list being made.
  • I still can't believe that it is 2012. what? really?
  • I have one more wedding to shoot this month. Should be amazing. It is 2 days after my 10th anniversary. Whoa. 
  • I'm ready for apples and apple cider and apple crisp. yum. We were going to go apple picking this last weekend but too many other things came up. Boo. We have plans for the weekend after next. yeah!
  • Have a wonderful 10/10.

*Update- Class got canceled last night. Wahoo. Oh and of course today is 10.11.12. Duh. Momentous and all. :)

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