While I was procrastinating writing my final paper of the semester I decided to head over to the good ol' interweb for some entertainment. I was immediately told that my firefox needed updating and to click for the update. I went through the update and was totally let down when I realized the the new version of firefox is not supported on my trusty old laptop. WTF. Torn. Do I write the paper or try to figure this new stuff out? Oh and of course I did not mention that I replaced the old version of firefox with the new version so there is no way to just forget the update and continue with the old version. I am really really irritated people.
Of course I wrote the paper and am now faced with having to decide whether or not to go ahead with the freaking update. AM SO ANNOYED. There is no easy way to get around this. ugh.
Then of course the first time I started to write this post Safari crashed... the whole reason I love firefox. ugh.
This whole week has been a freaking let down. UGH. A friend passed away rather unexpectedly. We worked together and he was a great guy. Sad. A couple of other things I was waiting to hear about did not work out, not the end of the world I realize but really annoying to say the least. The fallout is the worst part of it.  I missed book club and that stinks too. My FIL is in the hospital and that stinks even worse. It rained all week and that does nothing for my mood.
The good stuff: I had a lovely lunch with my friend Courtney, she rocks. I went to see my boss in a Shakespeare production at the U and he did a great job. I stopped by a house warming on my way home and that was fun too. This morning I had a really nice walk with my bestie H; awesome is all I can say. Class is over and and as soon as I click "submit" I will have handed the paper in as well. Oh and I made the executive decision to withdraw from school for the summer so I guess that is good too. Don't worry. I'll go back...

Ok, ciao for now.

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