It's done...

I finished my class and it's looking pretty good for the grade.
This week was full of highs and lows.

- Class is done, over, fini, the end...
- Today was a gorgeous day and I got to spend it getting my hair done and visiting with friends and shopping and having a great time instead of worrying about homework.
- I had been desperately looking for this one thing that I was sure I lost... and I found it.
- Lots of friends have shared really great news with me and for that I am happy.
- I'm taking the summer off!!! No class for me til September (cue the music... SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER.... SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER!!!!)
- In less than 10 days I have a facial and pedicure coming my way... so excited.
- One of my very best friends is coming to town to have a jewelry party at my house... yay.
- In about a month we are gonna be on vaca... ahhh... so truly excited.

- My hubby lost his grandma. His Oma. She was one in a million y'all. She was sharp and witty and still ran the show at 90.
- This loss only dredges up the recent loss in our lives and that makes for some sad days.
- The weather didn't help, it has been raining for ever!!!
- Whenever I get my hair cut I can't decide if I love it or hate it. If you know me well you know this isn't like me at all and I can usually make a decision and stay with it.... BAZINGA.
- I'm not loving my wardrobe and don't know where to start sprucing it up. I bought some underwear today.... does that count? I'm not really sure what it is but I'm not generally happy with anything these days. I need to get back to the choose happiness mantra... hmm...

k peeps. ciao.

Oh, hug your mom tomorrow. xo. Sending a (*hug*) to all the moms out there. love ya.

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