Radio and Rain

I am really getting sick of listening to the radio. I am blessed with a fairly short commute therefore don't have to listen for very long, but still pickings are slim and there are way too many commercials. On some stations there are more commercial breaks than songs or "talk." It is so annoying. On top of that, the gossip is totally centered around Dancing with the has been stars and Amerdicane Idol. Ugh. I don't watch either of those things and I really want to hear the latest gossip. Super annoying. Add to that, all the constant barrage of "check us out on facebook"... this is radio people... really. Usually when I have had enough I switch to NPR for my radio commute, but inevitably the morning and afternoon commute are filled with stories that just aren't appropriate for my drive. I really don't want to listen to talk about war, global anything or election stuff on the way in or the way home. Not that that stuff isn't interesting I just need a little less intensity during the commute. I wish it could be fresh air, this American life, radio lab or wait wait or even Colin for the ride home. I might need to start planning my week out on my ipod and do that instead. I have just about had it.
On top of the bleak listening situation is the rain. I really loved the weekend with the sunny skies and warm winds and I really needed it. The gloomy gray days just make my mood plummet, especially last week with the passing of hubby's grandma. So today, back to gray days. yuck. I guess it's better at least that the gray days are during the week while we are at work instead of the weekend when we are trying to have some fun. Yesterday morning as I was getting dressed I heard a gentle thumping and thought, "Gosh those are loud squirrels running across the roof... and gosh there are a lot of them!!" And then realized that it was raining.... a small part of me wished it was just noisy squirrels.
On top of all that nasty bleakness is the 12 day work week ahead of me. No break this weekend as it is commencement here at the U. Not the worst event to have to be a part of, especially that I don't have to sit on stage like the winter commencement. But sucks the air right out of the weekend all the same.

Hope the sunshine comes your way!

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smiley9188 said...

I totally hear ya on the radio bit! Man the radio is TERRIBLE! I have it as background noise all day and I must say- bad bad bad. I've been doing comedy books on tape at the gym which has been fun- Bossypants, and Chelsea Handler are always good for a laugh and not too down or negative. Might be a nice change from the terrible radio. Love ya Sweets!