Friday night

I love love love Friday night. It is my favorite night of the week. Generally it is the night that hubby and I don't make any plans other than be home and catch up. We are usually catching up on tv but we also are catching up with being home. Y'all know that I am a busy bee and during the semester it means that I might not be home any other night. This week was one of those. Monday and Thursday I was at the gym (water aerobics takes a really long time and hubby likes to get into bed early on a school night), Tuesday was class and Wednesday was a trip to my sister's house for hubby and my nephew to rehearse (my nephew is getting his confirmation on Sunday and hubby is his sponsor). This week in particular was a doozy and I was happy to be home. Other stuff that's going on: - The pollen situation is crazy!!! I don't usually have any issues, but this year I have a crazy sore throat. - One more class, two small projects,a short paper and a long paper and the semester will be over! - I'm kinda glad that the weather had gotten colder because my toes are not ready to see the light of day. - Lately I have been a serial book abandoner. Not sure what that is all about. - I know I complain a lot about how fast the time flies, but really... April is pretty much over. What? - There is a new show on hbo called girls. Can't decide if I like it. - I am intrigued by the new discount store nordstromrack. I could never afford to shop at the regular Nordstrom.... And I probably would never try the new store for that reason. But I hear that there is a great shoe selection. - I made delicious turkey meatballs for dinner. Yum. Ok peeps, calling it a night. Ciao S

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