Summer is right around the corner

The days are getting long and hot, shorts and flip flops are the daily uniform.
Hubby is counting the days til school gets out. You can smell the charcoal and gardens in the air. Everyone is planning their getaways. Ahhh... the sounds and smells of Summer. Lovin' it!
Been kinda quiet round here... just the way I like it. No noise = no problems.
I've been visiting and getting together with folks and that is always fun. Lunch with Hana was soul soothing. Pizza with D,D,D and H was fun fun fun and fun! Spending the day running around with my sister and the kids to swim meets and soccer games and free ice cream was oh so tiring but oh so fun. Trip to Cabela's with Ed and Bridget was ... well... what can I say about Cabela's... hmmm. The company was great! :) Playdate with Leah is always just what I need even if I was a space cadet. The coffee date with my cousin and her kids was a blast. It never ceases to amaze me what an amazing family they are! The kids are adorable and my cousin is a sweetie. We don't get together often but when we do it is always a treat.
So... plans anyone... I know there was a bbq coming up either Fri night or Sat that I might crash... book-club ladies. I've been wanting to get out and see Ali and the kids... anyone else up for a visit?
The pic at the top is a gift that hubby brought home from his recent trip to Maryland... he was right... I have been crabby! The other pics are self explanatory!

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smiley9188 said...

You should DEFINITELY crash the BBQ on FRIDAY night at Jenn's house.