Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Is here in CT. My sister and her biz are sponsors for this amazing show and charity. I love watching the show and always wondered what it took to "get one of these done".
I had the amazing opportunity (thanks to my sister and brother in law) of visiting the site as a VIP. All I can say is that is was WAY cool and amazing and awe inspiring and muddy. Here is the story as I know it.
It is all about timing; one month to draw the blue prints and get the specs for the house, 106 hours to build it, 1 day to move out, demolish and and cart away the debris. They had a VIP party for the sponsors with dinner and DJ and everything. We got there at about 6pm... well back up a minute. We had to park a few miles away at a parking lot, shuttle bus to the site which only takes you three blocks away from the actual house. We walked by all kinds of equipment, the design tent, lots of porto pottys and then to the actual house. We were in a tent across the street. The whole neighborhood is enveloped by this endeavor... all the neighbors are involved if only because huge trucks are parked on their lawn. When we arrived the foundation was already set and the floor was down; by the time we left about 4 hours later the whole first floor was up... walls and everything. They work so FAST. We didn't get to see any "celebrities" but we got to meet the builder/ saint and some producers.
Before we left we got some photo passes and got to cross the volunteer threshold and go onto the actual build site... so very cool. We talked to one guy that said that a house like this could actually take up to a year to build. All the inside stuff for the house was already on a truck waiting already mostly assembled. Can't even begin to imagine what it takes to be a project manager on the project like this. CRAZZYY.
So enjoy the pics and I will let you know when it airs.
Huge kudos and applause to all those involved especially my peeps; Robert Charles Photography: Susanna, Ed, Bob, Leah and everyone else. Thanks again for including us!


mama al said...

this is so beyond cool! nice job peeps....

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Wow, that is really special to be able to go to that. Awesome. Thanks for the picts!