Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Why this day comes only once a year I will never understand... this day needs to come at least 40 times a year! Right? Mother's pick us up when we are down. Give us the perfect piece of advice, even when we didn't ask for it. Mother's are there for the good times but are also there for the rough times and convince us that there are better days.
Mom- I love you so very much. You really are my BEST friend. When something happens, good or bad it is to you I turn for the truth. Everyone else just seems to say what they think I want to hear (even though I need that too!) you are there to say what I am already thinking. Tis true we don't need this day to celebrate you, because everyday is a day that I celebrate you. Let's just consider today, the icing. Ti Amo.
S- Today is also a day that I celebrate you. My second mother... the person that is generally on the "other line" while I am talking to Mom. Thank you for being there for me and wanting to be there for me. Love you.
To all the mother's in my life... Diane, Ali, Tina, Nina, Sara, Zia, Judy (soon), HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! To everyone else... CALL YOUR MOTHER! :)

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