Graduations, Birthdays, Days to relax

There has been so much to do lately.
Last Sunday I was able to celebrate the birthday of my best friend.
L- you are such an amazing person. Celebrating your birth day is something that I do every time I pick up the phone to call you, text or email you. I love you like a sister, like a sister-wife, like a very best friend. You are the person that I call to tell about the good days, the bad days and the days that are just ho hum. I a glad that you are here and a part of my everyday! Love you... xoxo
Bro- Congratulations! Like I said last night no one cares how long it took to get the degree and you never have to list how long it took, but you do get to list the honors that you received. I am so proud of you, you are an inspiration to me, your family and every single person you come in to contact with. Going back to school is not easy and any other person might have given up, deciding that the work was not worth the degree, but you now know that feeling and I'm sure the work was worth it. Take a break and go backpack Europe for a year like any other grad.
So that brings me to today... my day to relax. The first day in WEEKS that I have no plans. I even tried to make some last night to no avail. :) I'm happy... really I am...but I am the sort of person that likes to fill up the empty times not just sit with them. Maybe I have a problem that I can't enjoy down time, my husband would whole heartily agree with that statement. He said as he was leaving the house this morning, "Please relax and don't do anything today!" Little does he know that not doing anything is not really relaxing to me. (I know I'm gonna really regret saying this... but) Cleaning and being busy IS relaxing to me. So I'm off to vacuum and sweep and wash and stuff. Maybe figure out what the hell is wrong with my phone.
PS.. just to clarify... shopping is being busy... hence relaxing! :)

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Leah said...

Thanks Darlin!! I love you too! Birthdays with you are the best way to celebrate!

so glad about the "ps shopping is being busy and hence relaxing" - I was a little nervous for a moment that my sister wife had slipped into some oblivious psychotic cleaning state. :)

Love you - you are FABULOUS!
ciao bella