What a day!

First and foremost it is my hubby's birthday. Wishing you a happy of happiest of birthdays to you today. I love you and want the next 100 birthdays to be happy and healthy and amazing. I know you are not a huge birthday fan, but you must know by now that I am and I love to make you feel special on your day. Love love love love you, and thank you for being the biggest support to me in the past months. ti amo.

Second... yesterday was my last day! WOW....still can't believe it. My colleagues and team treated me to the nicest party yesterday evening full with well wishes, gifts a top ten list (that had me laughing too hard!) and lots of love. It really was so special and I love love loved it.

So Monday (yes I know no rest for the wicked!) on to the new digs. I'm nervous, excited, kinda sick, totally stoked and scared sh*tless at the same time. Anyone know what I mean... and to top it all off I scheduled to retake my group exercise certification today! Nice right! So off to study and have a lovely quiet weekend of laundry and reflection and celebration!


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mama al said...

hugest of hugs and congrats your way lady! i cannot wait to see all the wonderful things that the future will bring!

lovin' ya lots!