Bittersweet Celebration

Celebration is in order, although it is bittersweet. I am leaving my job. I am really excited for this new opportunity, but I am also really sad to be leaving my current team. We are a well working machine and we even love each other... I can say that freely because not many of them read this... :) In my current job I have been able to learn and grow and be creative and meet so many amazing people that I will be sad to leave. BUT... this new opportunity is a real career move and I need that.
The new office seems too cool and I am so excited to get there and be a part of their family.
I am almost overwhelmed with it all... goes back to my last post... be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
Here are some pics from last Sunday dinner... my whole family came over to spend some time together... and I LOVED IT!!! J won a really awesome award and will be competing in the state competition soon. K got 5 100's in a row on spelling tests. It was a day for celebrations all around.


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