Be Careful what you ask for...

I'm in one of those situations again.
Although this time I am SO SUPER ECSTATIC about it that I can barely contain myself. I can't bloggie about it quite yet lest the rumors reach certain people before I do. But tomorrow all will be revealed. Most people already know cuz I have no sense of privacy and tell everyone my bizness all the time anyway. If this post is leaving you entirely too intrigued call or email me...
On other fronts... this month is flying by a little too quickly for my taste too.
I was thinking very hard about this the other day. Why am I so caught up in the passage of time? Is it because I feel like I'm wasting it? I feel like I'm not doing the things that I want with my time? Am I getting hung up about getting older? Deep down I really feel like it is all these things bound up in one.

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