I'm baaacck!

Hi. I guess if I thought that peeps were not reading before than I am probably writing to my self now. Any who... sorry for the MIA-ness. I have been one busy bee. I'm sure you want to know all about the job... so... it is great. The peeps are awesome, the atmosphere is fun and the work is super interesting. It is a little intimidating being the newbie and all but I have to say that they are bending over backwards to help me out. YAY!
Otherwise it has just been a busy couple of weeks. I went to Worcester to visit the old haunt and cheer my nephew on in Massachusetts History Day. It was great to see the diner and here all the news.
He didn't make it this year but watch out next year, that kid is on a mission.

Last weekend we had a visitor; my old roomie from college came to visit and all hell broke loose.... we had a great time reliving the old days and catching up on the new days. I LOVE her to pieces and it was GREAT having her here; I miss her already.
This weekend the hubster has been away on tour and this cat has been catching up with the gals and on relaxing. I went to a retirement party Friday night that was super touching and heart string pulling. Great man, lovely event. Saturday was spent SHOPPING with the gals. Fun fun fun. Today I am going to have brunch with a friend. Lots of catching up and not that much relaxing... oh well.
And a great time was had by all!!!


Marcus said...

I still read your blog!

Glad to hear the new gig is going well. I keep checking the website (to no avail) for your swimming avatar. Wish your nephew was around the day I signed your going-away card; he could've told me how to correctly spell connoisseur (I had to use spell check just then...)

The Whole Self said...

i'm still here checking in on you! glad to hear that your new job is going well.

miss you, and wish i was seeing you at al's! xx