Dear Daughter

Today is April 14, 2013, a perfect day for you to make your arrival. You have a ton of people out here waiting to meet you and that keep asking when you might make your grand entrance. I really truly thought today would have been the perfect day, but apparently, until this moment you disagree. I really don't want us to start on the wrong foot here... I know that you will come when you are ready but won't you listen to my wise and sage advice and come tonight? I'm in a good place at work and the house is clean. The crib is here, your room is ready, there are lots of clothes and diapers to keep you happy. Our bags are packed for the hospital and sit by the door, just in case!
I've been trying lots of things to entice your arrival; I ate a ton of pineapple yesterday, cleaned like crazy today, I'm making a super spicy dinner for tonight... not sure what else you are looking for. I'm not above trying the yoga labor inducing dance , but I was hoping that you would come on your own.
Ok, tomorrow is Monday and back to work for me. I hope that you think about coming before our induction date because I think that would be ideal but I understand if you are just chilling and waiting it out.
We all love you already so much and can't wait to meet you.
Your Mamma


smiley9188 said...

AHAHAHHH! You MUST do the labor inducing dance. Seriously! That's awesome. I've never heard of it but if you want to come over on Monday we can laugh our heads off and do it together! I can't wait to meet your daughter too. I'm glad you're ready. I'm ready too. Somehow Wednesday seems SO far away now.

Marcus said...

Really miss reading your blog! Love how you can clearly see little Calli's cheeks in the digital image!