No Excuses!!!

I am so sorry my bloggie friends. I don't have any real good reason for having abandoned you for so long. I am writing tonight because I didn't want a whole month to go by that you haven't heard from me. I'm here alive and doing quite well actually. Life is good, Spring has sprung and everything is, well, good. I can say this now because I got through a really busy month at work just about an hour ago and I'm on vaca for the next five days. Who wouldn't be happy and joyful. Come Monday life will be busy once again until commencement, then smooth sailing for the summer. Also for the last month I've been hosting some family from Italy. It hasn't been as much of a bother as you are imaging. They are wonderful to have around and understand that I have to work a lot. But the next couple of days are all there's. Just in time to drive them to be airport!! K folks. Hope all is well. More soon. Xxoo ciao s

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