Spring Break

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break at school. The only thing that it really means for me is that I don't have class on Tuesday and that the whole week will be really quiet in the office. For Monday and Tuesday that will be great, the rest of the week will be long.
The weather has continued to be amazing allowing for walks and windows open; two of my favorite things.
Today is my sister's 18th wedding anniversary. I just got off the phone with my youngest nephew (6) who asked, "Did you know that it's mommy and daddy's anniversary?" And I answered, "Yes, I was at their wedding!" ... quiet, then "Oh." haha. He is a funny kid.
I wish them all the best and often wonder how they both work crazy hours at their jobs and still have such great kids. Sometimes I'm not even sure they know how they do it!
I've spent the weekend spring cleaning a bit. We have some relatives coming to visit later this week and there is no other time to prepare. They might be staying here for awhile. They were here last winter, the worst on the books so I hope this trip redeems for them.
Last night I had a sweet tooth and made some yummy dark chocolate brownies. They were delicious and exactly what my sweet tooth wanted. Now the problem is that there are 22 more where that 1st one came from. I think I'm gonna freeze some so that they are not just taunting me all week.

That's all for now,

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smiley9188 said...

won't they just taunt you from the freezer?