Day off

Today was date day. Every now and again hubby and I have a date day. Today was that day. I won it from a bet months ago, what it was I couldn't tell you. We bet on all kinds of things; who that actress is, who sings this song, what that persons name is... you know really important life stuff.
So for our date it was between movies and strolling through the antiques store in Collinsville... and because the movies that are out are terrible, Collinsville won out. The main reason that I wanted to head out there was because there is a restaurant that I REALLY wanted to try. Once we got there I saw much to my sadness that the restaurant CLOSED. WTH! REALLY. Man that sucked. The antique strolling was fun, especially cuz hubby and I love to take the drive out there. We take a different route every time. So headed back in the homeward direction we decided to stop at DishnDat for lunch. It was fun and yummy... and packed with families celebrating MLK holiday. We came home and I dropped off the hubster so I could head to the mall and have a little retail therapy. I was not impressed. The style right now is sooo casual. I have to dress for work and the options were limited. Black pants and really long sweater tops that make me look lumpy. I am not by any means beanpole-ish, but I surely don't want to draw too much attention to my lumps either. I bought a few things, a LBD among them. All in all it was fun.

Ciao for now...

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Amanda said...

date day sounds like a great thing!