3 Kings Day

Tomorrow is three kings day and the last day of Christmas. The festivities of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and end tonight (Twelfth Night). Don't you feel a little smarter? We didn't get a tree this year but if we did, like every year we would not take it down until after tomorrow. The real reason being that tomorrow is the Befana. For Italians tonight is the night that gifts are mysteriously delivered to all the children, by an old woman much like Santa, except she does not wear a red suit or have reindeer. It is said that she was invited by the 3 kings to visit the baby Jesus to bring him gifts but she decided not to because she had housework to do. After she had a change of heart she could not find them and she continues to search for them giving gifts to kids all while searching.
Growing up we always celebrated the Befana with small gifts from my mother. I remember distinctly, I must have been in 4th or 5th grade, a purple (everyone knows it's my fave color) notebook and an awesome jean skirt. When we got older there was perfume and shampoo and other "grown up" stuff. I will always try to keep this tradition in my house. Tonight the Befana visited and brought some slippers for hubby. In the note she left she said that she heard that his tootsies were cold since the last pair unraveled themselves. She brought me some cute socks too.


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