This is what I did on my break. Painted my bedroom and hung out with the kids....
Oh and had a great Christmas and New Years and spend TONS of time with my hubby.

Now it is almost two weeks later and I'm ready for a break.
School starts in two weeks and I'm trying to cram in some fun stuff. Last week hubby and I went to see In the Heights at the Bushnell. GREAT SHOW. We had dinner beforehand with some friends at J Restaurant. We had a great time; the food was REALLY GOOD. Hubby got linguine with clam sauce, there were more clams than linguine. The rest of us got salads and they were all really different and really good.
Next week we will recreate the experience except we will see Gee's Bend at Hartford Stage. My friend Hana Sharif is directing it and I am really excited to see her work. Plus there is the added bonus of getting together with peeps we haven't seen since hubby's big birthday bash last Spring. Yeah! Yay! (you know what I mean).
Love having exciting things to look forward to in the dreary Winter blahs... BLAHHH!!!!
Everyday I look forward to seeing the light last just a little longer. I have a countdown to the beginning of daylight savings (the end of the short days)... 62 days baby!



Anonymous said...

62 days sounds like a long time from now :) Can't wait to see you today!

Anonymous said...

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