Anyone out there? Anyone still checking in?
If you are there, I am sorry. I have been a terrible blogger. Never updating, slacking on the pics. Don't blame you for giving up on me.
Well here is a little update.
I am...
studying, doing homework, daydreaming, working, shopping with my sister and niece, blowing glass, buying hot black knee high boots, making plans, cleaning, walking, working out, making plans, making spaghetti squash, loving life, wishing my hubby was feeling better, smiling, watching my favorite shows on DVR (what did I ever do before DVR), reading, working on my first exam as an MBA student, planning Thanksgiving dinner, thinking about the holidays, planning every single minute of my week between X-mas and New Year's.
What about you?



Anonymous said...

Doing a lot of the same things! I love this time of year! I'm still checking, so don't forget about us out here in blog land. So glad life is good. XOXO

PS - Glass blowing? I want to hear more about that?!?!

JudyB said...

I want to hear more about this glass blowing thing too!