Is it Friday yet?*

(* I wrote this on Thursday)
I've been feeling this a lot lately. Life is busy and bit overwhelming.
I can't seem to keep up with myself lately. I started school and have been formally accepted into the MBA program at UHA. Very exciting!?!
It's hard to get excited because I am so overwhelmed. I can't seem to get into the swing of the rhythm of school. I know that with time it will come, but right now it seems so HUGE and insurmountable.
I also can't seem to keep on top of the house work. I feel like it is always a choice of homework or housework... and since I am paying to go to school I feel more obligated to the homework. Hubby has been super great about picking up the slack... but really it's just not enough. Then I think about the millions of women that have full time jobs, children, are getting an education... and I think I am such a whiner... and then I think damn I need a cleaning lady. heehee
November is looming ever closer and with that bring the holidays... it's there in the stores, in the newspaper, on the internet... everywhere. Am I ready, heck no! I love Fall and have been enjoying the leaves changing and the sweatshirt weather that we have been enjoying, but ornaments and turkeys and mistletoe? Not so much, well maybe the mistletoe; I would leave that up all year if hubby would let me.
Here's to slowing down this weekend and trying to soak up the last possible weekend before the holiday stress comes barreling at us.


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JudyB said...

I feel your pain and I'm not even in school. lately I feel like I'm getting close to having to pick, work or jewelry. Something might have to give before i do. So, I'm giving it one last push this holiday season. You can do it! Just looka round at the mess, breath out and say f*&*($#% it!