Back to school

So I picked up my book and I have my first assignment.
I remember so fondly the day that I graduated college. Never again will I have to write a paper, never again will I have to read a book on demand, never again will I have to endure the speech during exams about blue books and study groups. And now here I go again. Am I crazy or what. I am starting my first class in 10 years. Um, make that 10 and ½ years. AND the class that I am starting… Intro to Quantitative Methods in Business… yup, that’s me... crazeee. Probably gonna be the one in the corner of the library quietly crying and rocking back and forth while the 18 year-olds throw stuff at me. Can you tell I’m scared.
(I'm not even represented in that clipart pic cuz I'm still in the fetal position crying on the floor).


Mary Ann said...

I went back to college in my 40's - graduated at age 50 - with honors!!! You can do this, your life experience makes you smarter than all of them - they are scared too. Get off the floor, dance while no one is watching and enjoy!!!

Stefania said...

Thanks Mary Ann. The first steps are always the hardest.

JudyB said...

You can do it! I'm super proud of you for having the courage and using this opportunity!

smiley9188 said...

Yay Stefania! I'm so proud of you! um, ps, I think that was my mom who posted the Mary Ann post... she doesn't comment on my blog... well, if it wasn't her, she did the same thing- back to school finished in her 50s with a paralegal degree and graduated in the Honors society. She did drop of her photography and landscaping classes though- was hurting her GPA. Sorry mom!