I am usually a very smiley person.
These are the things that have made me smile lately.
• bottom crust
• movie date with my hubby
• DeLish turkey burgers with potato salad
• walking round the neighborhood and remembering for the millionth time that I love my house
• Summer plans
• coffee dates
• BBQ with friends
• the bomb BBQ sauce
• having an in depth discussion about the merits of having a go-to cocktail vs. straight liquor on the rocks
• having and loving my long locks
• spending so much time with my family and still finding 10-15 minutes worth of conversation on the phone
• book club is this week... at my house!
• plans for the week and upcoming weekend
• you!

(This is an old picture but we are all pretty smiley)

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo - Book Club!!!