May Days

Gosh it is gorgeous outside. I have never been one to worship the sun but it is so hard not to on these gorgeous days. So I take my coffee and a book out and soak up the rays. I really believe that it helps my mood. :)
Been spending tons of time with the family lately. Juju bean had her 6th birthday this past weekend and before that it was mother's day and before that my sister's birthday... lots of visits up North. I also attended Kyle's soccer game this week. Lots of fun.
No news on the homestead. Hubby is itching for Summer vaca. Counting down the days with the kids. Not quite sure what we will do home together for the Summer... lots of hiking and bike riding I hope. Picnics and daytrips... yeah! Really looking forward to it. Unless of course, miracle of all miracles a job works out for me... We'll see. Trying to stay positive but it really is hard. If one more person tells me not to worry because a lot of people are out of work I may just SCREAM. Consider yourself warned.


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Christen said...

Won't tell you not to worry, cuz that would be silly, because seriously what else is there to do?? I will tell you that I am praying for you. I don't pray, so this is big, and honestly it really sux that you aren't working yet. Don't these people know how amazing you are?!?!?! I also bought a lottery ticket for you so maybe you won't HAVE to work...yay! I am so glad you are spending beautiful time with friends and the sun. Hope the spring flowers have been gorgeous for you. *BIG HUG*