This morning I took my coffee and my book out to the front porch and read in silence. The weather is gorgeous this morning and I was at peace.
This past week has been BUSY and lovely and tiring and everything in between.
I had a great visit with Nina and Ali and their brood. Lulu is a gorgeous baby that makes you want to run out and have 10 of your own... ;)
Friday I spent the day with my kiddies... even through a sore throat we managed to have a wonderful visit. Flying kites at the park, playing on the playscape with the other 1,000 kids from the neighborhood and building Robbie's new Batman bike that he decided within 2 minutes was not as good as his other bike. We had a great time.
I felt worse on Saturday but hubby and I trudged on with our "date" plans. It was world tai chi day so we ventured to our local park and took part in some tai chi. I had a tough time concentrating due to the stuffed nose and tired muscles. We (I) didn't last very long and came home to nap. Sunday was supposed to be filled with birthday parties and visits but because of this cold we decided to stay close to home and I'm glad.
Tonight I am going to be on the 11pm news. I'm kinda nervous about it. People have been calling me all weekend to say that they have seen me on the teaser... crazy. I guess I can't wait to see how I look first... people already know. I will post the link tomorrow.


The Whole Self said...

we loved having you! i hope you're feeling better.

and great story- you looked beautiful! xx

mama al said...

it was a fun day....too short, but fun indeed! xo, a