The party is over and my hubby celebrated and we are all done.
I think that I can safely say that I have been planning this for the last year. Of course some plans had to change but mostly it was exactly what I envisioned; happiness, friends, food, drinks, merriment and of course some more happiness.
We had a great time. Friends came from all over. We survived the 50+ peeps in the house (mainly because it didn't rain and we able to hang on the porch a bit). When the sun went down and it got pretty chilly outside I suggested we light that fire that we were hoping to get to. I asked the boys to bring home some firewood; so we had something like 6 cords (just in case). The April winds kept us on our toes... there was a slight moment there that I thought it wasn't the brightest idea to have a fire. In the end all was well.
We had three cakes, full bar, plenty of food, two huge jars of Nutella, and to really prove what a rocking time we had... a red wine stain on the carpet. There are so many great stories to tell and plenty of pictures to prove it... the one above was taken when just about everyone was still there. Big crowd.
I look forward to planning our next big shindig, because as you know we bought the house so I could have a dance party whenever I choose!


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