Easter Weekend

I can't express how happy I am that Spring is here. Winter was long and tough this year. I was cooped up a lot more that I wanted or should have been.
I just took a walk around the neighborhood and loved it. I love love love my neighborhood and to see it now with buds on the trees and the grass is starting to grow and be green. I LOVE IT.

This weekend was Easter and we got together with my family for Brunch. It is the ONLY holiday that we go out to eat. I am a huge breakfast lover and look forward to it every year. This year I went for the more lunch type foods and loved being with my family.
Saturday I went to a Bridal shower for my sweet friend Sarah.
She looked so beautiful and the place was amazing. I had a delicious piece of salmon and the most delectable chocolate mousse for dessert. Yum. They played a really fun game while opening the presents; before they started they chose three times (2pm, 2:30pm and 3pm) and the person's gift that we being opened at those times won a gift. It was really fun and everyone got a kick out of it.
Coming up... Next week is Spring break for the husband. We are planning an outing on Saturday to visit his gram and then on to the BBQ place we heard about on DDD. Yum.
Tomorrow I am heading into to Boston to see a new play by David Grimm... will tell you all about it.
Well that is really all for now.
Enjoy the Spring and pics to follow.


Julianna took this picture of us!

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Christen said...

Happy Spring!!!! Big Hugs and sunshine to you and your beautiful family.