Last days of July

I caught a Summer cold and feel like crap. Third day this week. ugh. Really hating it. Today on top of it all we had an all day training at work. Hardest thing to sit through with a foggy brain. Great training though and lots to think about and learn. Afterwards I was walking around the office and I broke my shoe. Super bad luck. I had to limp around for the rest of the day.
So glad that tomorrow is Thursday; looking forward to a weekend. Hopefully to rest and catch up on all that has gone by the wayside because of this cold. Believe me there is plenty to do.
I want to congratulate my Mom... she signed the papers this week that make the sale of her salon final. I remember the Summer that she opened the doors; and I am just as proud of her today. It was 1991 I was in middle school and she opened two blocks from the house. When I finally got my license we were able to share the car because she walked to work. I remember going there the day of my wedding to get my hair done, sitting there playing with my niece and nephews while my sister got her hair done, bringing my hubby there to get his head shaved... There are so many memories all good and now this change will allow my Mom more freedom and peace of mind about her work. She has worked so hard and for so long.... she deserves it. Love you Mom, can't wait to come and visit the new digs to get my hair done; I need an appointment.

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