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It has been a SUPER busy couple of weeks... this post was from 4th weekend...
What a GREAT long weekend. The hubster and I have been looking forward to this past weekend for months. It was a couple of months ago that we realized that P-Town was not an option this year... for several reasons. Sad that we wouldn't be able to spend that long awaited week with our favorite vaca couple so... we went to my favorite city North of here to visit them on their turf. Portland, ME has been a fav of mine since freshmen year of college when I made my first trek up there to see Judy. This weekend was no different. Yummy star cakes, Old Port, great fireworks over the bay, good friends and good times, a tattoo for the hubster (another Portland tradition) and a fun trek to Ogunquit. Can't believe that it's over. How was your 4th?

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