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2 things to discuss:
July is here and that is all there is to say. It is hot, humid and the days are long. I love it! It is really hard though to be in the office all day with no dreams of a vacation in mind. This is the first summer in my professional life that we are NOT taking a vacation. Various reasons have helped us to this conclusion and none are terrible. It is so hard... harder than I expected it to be. I think dreaming of vacation is what helps get through the summer and then of course when you return it is with renewed vigor and strength that fuel you through to Fall. Oh well... I will have to take the weekends much more seriously.
101 posts
Can you believe it? I assume that if you are reading... you can in fact believe it. I never thought that I would be a "blogger" but here I am putting my thoughts out there for all to see. I miss when I don't post. I love the comments... and most of all I love catching up on other peeps with their blogs. Nina and Grace are interviewing and I can hear all the giggles between them, Ali and the kids are frog hunting and I can hear brave T's voice telling M all about it. The one little one is always having amazing family adventures and the true story is meeting new babies and having parents over to visit. Ahh... there is so much love out there in the ordinary. I'm reading, even when I can't find a minute to post.
thanks all
love you


mama al said...

miss you guys!



The Whole Self said...

thinking of you and want to catch up SOON!!!