Thanks to Tina for fixin' me up with those comments. Someone actually posted crap on every post that I have ever done... ugh.
Oh well... this week is one for the books. Ever been in one of those "hurry up and wait" situations? That is where I am right now and it is TOUGH... I'm much better with instant gratification. Slow and steady wins the race.... slowly but surely.... Instant ain't better (I made that last one up myself... love it!).
This past weekend was the Christening of my cousins son. He is SO CUTE. As soon as I download those pics I will post some. All of those kids are so darn adorable... what can I say, they come from good genes.
Not really much else to say... I'm glad this writers strike is over and the "stories" will return. It sux that it is so cold out and all I want to do at night is curl up in front of the boob tube and chillax... and there is nothing to chillax to... Although in the wonderment of digital cable I did record some episodes of "Pop Up Video" on VH1... that was show. So maybe I will curl up with some good 80's and 90's videos and tons of useless knowledge.
Ciao peeps. PS... whattya think of my Simpsonise me character... does it look like me?

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