I know I've been MIA lately.... and I don't really have a good reason why...
My moods have been so random that I can't explain exactly what is going on. Some days are awesome and I'm great and other days are well... hmm... not so great.
Some good things are... it's getting darker later and later everyday, and that makes me so freaking happy... I've started a new workout routine and that is awesome too... I've started planning our Summer vacation and really how can you not have a smile on your face while researching cabins and lakes and ponds... I'm REALLY trying to be great in '08 despite throwing my back out and then getting sick I've been trying to make the best of it...
Bad things are not going be discussed here because it is not worth even giving them the space and time to type them out!
So here is to all the good things out there peeps.
Lovin' you!!!!
(The picture is an old one of my niece in a not happy moment and I thought that it really describes my moods these days.)

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