It's a new day

I've been inundated with messages lately... a lot of it having to do with the manifestation of energy and all that "secret" stuff. Whether you believe it or not you have to see some sense in the energy aspect of it. Well I do and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. All of those things that I have been conjuring up in universe lately have been so grand and wonderful and I've been looking forward to it all, I forgot the step of letting it all go into the universe to find it's way back to me. So here I am ready to let go... but how? I am a control freak and can't even begin to think about how to let it all go...
UPDATE (I know before I had the chance the post I'm already updating)
I'm not sure when it started but for forever I've secretly wanted to drive a pick-up. This morning I dropped my car off to the dealer to get fixed with promises of it being done today. I got a call at about 2pm saying that in fact the storm was preventing the drop off of my parts and did I want a rental car. You guessed it they gave me a red 2007 dakota pick up truck. I know I know... crazy right.


mama al said...

enjoy the pick up lady, that's hot!

sorry i didn't get to call back, things are all sorts o busy here....

miss you love,


Chris McManaman said...
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