World's Strongest Man

Nope not talking about the hubster, although he is pretty strong... of heart, mind and body. I'm talking about WORLDS STRONGEST MAN (in the picture above is Phil Pfister WSM 2006)...
Last night we went to see WSM Super Series at Mohegan Sun. Fun fun fun... we are huge fans and have been watching on ESPN for years. This is the first time that we were able to go see a qualifier and now we are hooked. We brought some friends and made fans out of them too. Last night Derek Poundstone (of Southington, CT) won and that made it all the better. Those guys are huge.... their legs and arms are like tree stumps and limbs. What a sport!!!
I was unable to photograph at the event so the picture above was taken from the WSM website.


mama al said...

sorry to read about Greg's aunt, I somehow missed that post....

how are you feeling?? better i hope.

miss you loads, like loads that only the strongest man could carry!



Chris McManaman said...