2008... better be great!

Hee hee hee... I love love love a good rhyme. So here it is 08... I can't wait. :)
I had a glorious New Years evening. Had some really great peeps over to celebrate 08. I had all the rest of the peeps in my heart sending good vibes and wishes.
Jan 1 twas kinda rainy and cold here... perfect day to eat all the treats and VEG out with the man sleeping late and watching movies all day. It really is what the man loves to do... I get a little antsy, but not that day. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the rain in my pj's from the comfort of the couch.
Now it is back to the grind. Everyone I talked to yesterday was so not in the mood to be back at work... me included. I did get some good work done though.
And so it goes... keep on keepin on. xoxo
PS I'll post some great pics of the party later... gotta get to work :)

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