The pain in my neck moved itself down to my good old lower back... I was sorting some laundry Monday morning when I twisted the wrong way and my good old lower back popped... literally. I iced down immediately and spend the rest of the day icing down and "resting". I woke up yesterday feeling better ... enough to go to work and the gym. I made an appointment for this morning and gladly went to see the DR. Last time the adjustment was exactly what I needed. This morning apparently it was the LAST thing I needed. I have a really sensitive inflammatory response and the adjustment sent my back into a tail spin :) The doctor taped me up wrote me note to get me out of work and sent me home. So here I am again! I can only watch so much TV, surf so much interweb and read so much of my good book. I'M GOING STIR CRAZY!!! I really really hope that tomorrow works out in my favor and sends me BACK TO WORK!!!

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