To do anything or get anything done as a twenty something. So much pressure I had to take the day off. My boss was awesome enought to let me stay home today... I was really needing a day to my head... mental health and all.
So what am I doing today... hmmm, not even really sure. Checked my mail a whole bunch, blogging and of course... CLEANING. It is my go to action when anything at all is weighing on me. I find solace in the chemical smells and satisfaction in a the end product.
The bathroom is next and someone should warn it that I am on the way. HAHA... Also watched some baby story on TLC... I am such a weeper at those programs.

I also just decided that 30 is still a twenty-something. So there!

More later....

This is Robbie last weekend... ADORABLE.

And Julianna of course. Lately Kyle and Joe are not letting me photograph them as much... Must change that.



Tina said...

Hey, missed you at work. I had to come in for an M&M meeting. Met JST for the first time.

don't forget to post photos of your ice lantern project;. [poke, poke]

mama al said...

happy b-day girlie...missin' yah. will try and pull my head out of my bum soon....

hugs, A