I'm still recovering from the festivities Saturday night. I am so happy that I kept the camera around and documented the party... there are some that are not for public consumption but here are the best ones!

This is me in my awesome hat that Anne made for me and the beautiful cake that my husband got me

Susy and Leah... my "sisters"

Mamma, Susanna & me

Greg (who HATES pictures and will be mortified that I put him in the blog) and me

Dance party all night long.
"I bought this house so I could have a dance party whenever I want..."

This is a detail of the hat that Anne made me.
That is me on top of the hat... The pipe cleaner version of me is so CUTE!

The cake was yummy... still is.

So that is all... it was a FABULOUS evening. Greg had a whole theme going... Kiss the 20's goodbye. He bought me tons and tons of hershey kisses and a huge one that says Happy Birthday Stefania. He had a huge print of the Kiss framed for me and he bought me gorgeous necklace... Love him.

I must say thanks to everyone that came and brought treats and gifts. Jacques got me a fun book, and I got a mix cd from Jeremy (can't wait to hear it). Frames from Debie and Derek and Kyle and Kenny... gift certificate from Vivian and cute bags from Heather (with lotions and scrubs) and Marlene... very nice scarf and a bottle of yummy wine from Cheryl and Bill. I say that I am so lucky to be so loved. Thanks all.

Special thanks to Mom and Susanna for all the goodies. Susanna you are the BEST baker in the world... thanks for the treats. Mamma, of course the pizza was DELICIOUS... thanks.

Leah, thanks for all the help. What fun! It was a blast and you are the BEST.

Last for best... Greg, what can I say, you are the sweetest and most loving person. I am so lucky every day to have a husband like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made this milestone birthday painless... Love you.


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