21 months

Calli is now talking in full sentences. Mostly to tell us No she is not going to do the thing we have asked her to do... no mommy, no close the door... no mommy, no shirt... you get the idea.
We survived a nasty stomach bug last week and so this weekend was full of tickles and snuggles and kisses. I can't believe we are 21 months in. The baby is gone and toddler tantrums are in full swing. I can't help but laugh... except when she is kicking and swatting and spitting... those I HATE.
Here are some of the cuter things she is up to...
Calli likes to ask what everyone is doing, especially around bedtime. When you tell her what other people are doing she likes to tell you that she is supposed to be doing that too... daddy watching movie?... Calli too. But when someone is sleeping she is quick to say no sleeping.
Calli can count to 15. We used to count the stairs to ten and then all of sudden this weekend she kept going to 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. I was so surprised.
Calli got a stool for Christmas and is loving pushing it up to the kitchen counter to see what she can get her hands on and in!!
She can name a bunch of animals and their sounds.

All in all we are having a blast!

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