No resolutions here but definetly some questions to consider and answer:
  • Why is Calli still waking in the middle of the night and what are you going to do about it?
  • Why do you continually say that you are going to get healthy and then immediately sabotage yourself? Do you REALLY think that buying an elliptical machine will be the answer?
  • What steps can you take in real time and in real situations to make to improve your relationships?
  • How can you take that step at work to feel like you are really doing the best job you can?
  • Start thinking about what this degree can/will do for you...
  • Where can you say "NO" to help say answer some of the questions above?
I feel like if I can keep these questions in the back of my head and continually strive to answer them I might be on a good path.
Some of these questions can probably be answered today... like Calli waking in the night...
Some others need more reflection and planning and some real thought.

Happy New Year!!

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