Thursday is my FAVORITE day of the week

Thursday is the day that I pick Calliope up from daycare. Seeing her face as I walk through the door makes me so ridiculously happy, I can't stand it. It isn't the same look she gets when I walk in the house and she has already been home with my mom or hubby. I count the minutes on Thursdays; especially because I do the dreaded drop off every day. I take that back, it isn't totally dreaded but some days I swear I could sit there and play all day because the kids are so happy. The daycare provider tells me all kinds of stories about what Calli did all day and how the kids played and she watched or she talked and discovered something new. I think she is a different person when she is there than when she is home with me.

The new Calli news is that she cut her first tooth today. After I fed her this morning I put my finger in her mouth out of curiosity... sure enough there was the beginnings of a tooth there. I'm glad I discovered it with my finger first! She is growing up so fast I am already forgetting what is was like when she was a newborn. I know, I know... blah blah blah... sentimental crap... I've been sentimental a lot lately. Oh well.

Happy Thursday to you!!
Ciao for now!

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