Post baby bump

Interweb friends I am outraged!! OUTRAGED I tell you.
Most recently the royal baby was announced and all was right with the world. Then the media started applauding Kate on her bravery of showing her post baby bump!!! The baby was less than a day old and they had the nerve to call it a post baby bump!!! And how women around the world should rejoice and be proud of their "mummy tummies"!!!! What the heck has this world come to. I mean come on. This is not a note worthy situation! It's annoying enough that women have to be conscious of their baby bumps while the baby is still in there but less than a day later we should be self conscious about it!?!?!? Mummy tummies are badges of honor no matter how long we have had them and no matter how big or small they are.
I am 15 weeks post baby this week and I have lost not only the baby weight but some more on top of it. I still have a "mummy tummy" and am proud of it. I've had a "mummy tummy" for the past two years and am proud of it. I'm proud that I have had the fortune to feed my daughter with my breast milk alone and the side effect of that has been the weight loss. I haven't done anything in particular to lose the weight, it just happened. For other women that is not the case. I hate that we as a society are so caught up with this sh*t and that women can't support one another to abolish these old ways of thinking! I will not be defined by how much I weigh.
Okay, stepping down from the soap box.
Thank you, carry on with your day.

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