3 months

Calli is three months old!

I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared enough to post on the actual date, but oh well.
Calli is three months old and having a blast. She is such a happy little lady with smiles for everyone. She has started reaching out into the world having recently discovered her hands and tries grabbing at toys, necklaces and everything else in her path. She loves to talk and tell stories. She is especially smitten with her Daddy and her Nonna these days as they are taking care of her for the summer. She is growing fast and is already into the 6 month clothes, which we have a ton of. I don’t think she will even get to wear everything once. She has recently started showing interest in toys and books. We try to read at night, but she is generally ready for bed at that point so we read at other times in the day. 
Next month she will have her first long weekend on the Cape, we are so looking forward to some sea air.
Hope you are all surviving the heat!
Happy Summer!


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