What's up?

I know that I have mainly posted about Calli lately, but wouldn't you? She is ADORABLE!!!
So this is my attempt at not only blogging about my beautiful daughter...

  • So being home is not that bad; except when my husband gets home all I want to do is talk his ear off and all he wants to do is not talk. It can be a little challenging but we are making it work.
  • My computer sucks. I have owned this thing for almost 7 years and every time I turn it on I am afraid that it is going to die!  I just don't want to put too much money into this thing if it isn't going to last... I haven't upgraded the operating system so I can't even do all the new fangled stuff on it! SUCKS! I hate to say it but I don't think my next computer will be a mac. It just doesn't pan out in the end. It is the biggest reason why there aren't more pics on this blog. 
  • I love hot days. I don't mind the heat. I hate sitting in air conditioning all day. I know, I'm weird.
  • We got offered a weekend away in August. I can't believe I am considering going away with an infant. I always said I wouldn't be that mom.... but the idea of a walk on the beach might just be too appealing!
  • My oldest nephew is graduating high school this weekend. He was at my high school graduation!!! Can't believe how time flies. His prom was last night and he looked so handsome.
  • I am struggling lately, trying to find something to read. I started the Night Circus and couldn't get into it. It wasn't a bad read just not my speed right now.  I guess the fact that the only chance I get to read is during middle of the night feeding doesn't help. 
  • I also didn't think I would turn into a frumpy mom overnight. I swear, every time I look in the mirror I am horrified. Nothing fits me well and inevitably I leak breast milk on all my clothes. Sure as hell wasn't ready for that!
  • I was a nervous Nelly during my pregnancy and have become a little neurotic with a newborn; is this normal? My mom and sister and all tell me to just relax... easy to say.
  • Because of the nerves I am trying to take Calli out at least once a day so shout out if you want a visit!!!
  • Here are a few things I am LOVING right now: my chicco stroller travel system, my squeezebox, the boppy, my iphone and ipad, mary kay cleanser and moisturizer, my gorgeous Calliope.
That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

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smiley9188 said...

I want a visit! I hardly doubt you're frumpy. I want a visit! Yes, it is normal to be neurotic about the newborn, they are so small and helpless. Did I mention, I want a visit! :)